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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Above and Beyond Disability Supports is a local Ballina business with over 5 years experience working in the disability support industry. We provide quality, experienced and intricately matched support workers to people with a wide range of needs, and ensure that each of their needs will be met. Due to my experience of working with so many clients, seeing their different needs and also experiencing and witnessing the way in which these important needs and requirements were being missed or overlooked (and actually how the client doesn’t always seem to be the most important factor anymore) I decided to do something about it and make a change that I could actually control and improve.  

"Providing support to other humans should be enjoyable, rewarding, and life changing for both parties, and I aim to ensure this is what happens with Above and Beyond."

Our Aim

I wanted to be able to create a group of support workers that I knew were dedicated, passionate, reliable and experienced, and who I could trust would provide the best quality support to vulnerable people. My aim is to specifically match support workers to clients to ensure that needs are met, that the client and the support worker are happy and enjoying their time together, and that clients quality of life and lifestyle is as full and positive as they can be, goals are being met, everyone is thriving, and if involved- family members feel safe, secure and confident that their loved ones are getting the best care and support possible. I have seen too many times that people slip through the cracks In large organizations and this is inexcusable. 

How It Works

The process would be a personal meet and greet with me, where I would introduce myself and go through information with the client, and the clients family if appropriate. We would talk about the clients individual history, needs, routines, interests, goals, medical needs- basically everything and anything that is important for the client. I will then match the needs, personality, history etc of the client with one of my support workers that I feel will be best suited to support and enhance their lives. For example, matching interests- I have a client who was a Paralympian, and who still likes to be active and keep fit, therefore it is essential to match this client with a support worker who is also interested in exercise and can keep up, but also who will be able to talk about subjects the client can relate to and encourage this client to continue and meet goals together. This builds mutual respect, understanding, connection and appreciation.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality disability services to people of all walks of life, to meet their daily needs, and their long term goals, in a safe, respectful and trustworthy way.